Serious Business is the product of great ambition and little motivation. These artisan comics are carefully rushed together the crew of Dane and Drew, assisted by Eric. Dane and Drew have been friends for nearly two decades and they have collectively known Eric for over ten years— so it is safe to say that Serious Business is a comic made by friends trying to entertain each other with our stupidity.


Dane is the artist of the group, he is the man behind the tablet slaving away to make sure that the comics/manga comes out on time.

Drew (me) is the webmaster, writer, and occasional illustrator of the group. I like to think of myself as being the corner-stone of the group, but Dane would just say I’m an asshole.

Eric helps with idea bouncing for Dos and Bard and he has a beard.



Dos and Bard is the fictitious adventures of Dos and Bard loosely based on the real musing of Drew and Eric.

# is the misadventures of Takashi Baketto who is a normal teacher at a normal high-school who has to put up with everyone else’s bullshit.

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